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Should we be in our life be involved in a relationship in what we can call 2nd stage or when any or both of the parties have been rendered to be a widow, divorced or separated from their first wife and or husband, we must take into account the formalities associated with it.

We must prepare a pre-nuptial agreement.

This is to safeguard whatever properties or belongings both parties need to safeguard when the time comes.

There could be a big problem, too; when for example both parties have adult children from their previous relationship in terms of wealth. That’s why it should be done before committing to any later and or new relationship.

Of course, the union itself could have no problems at all but when the time comes, either one dies and the tedious tasks of reporting to the tax authorities are seeming to be surmountable.

The discussions and confrontations are very sickening and consumes a lot of time for the parties.

In my opinion to make it easier is that, we should prepare beforehand a complete list of whatever properties are on hand and have the parties briefed about them. In this case, any matter that pertains to the state assets reporting could be easily gathered and compiled.

It has been observed that there are so many problems arising from the above scenario.

Should there be properties abroad which any of the concerned party had invested into. It must be informed to the children, copies of complete information given to the trusted one. In this case, difficulties in the future could be avoided.

Laws and rules prevailing in the country where the property is located should be well informed to the children per se to make it clear what they need to do just something unexpected happens.

Nevertheless, proper disposition and handling could really contribute to the soft sailing of the process although it could be a big amount of time needed.

In my opinion, it is not in anyways easy. There could be always hiccups along the way. Sad to say.

On the other hand, I could also share some things that I happen to know personally like:

I have known cases about couples who happen to be one local and the other party a foreigner. After two years married together the husband died so the wife needed to go back to her own country because their union has been ceased.

The poor wife has no more chance to continue her residence in the adopted country since the reason of her being in the country is by reason of marriage. So that, when her husband died that reason was cut off.

Practically, this is one of the reasons why being married to an older man when you are half his age is almost nocturnal.

It is like you dove into a ditch knowing where you will land to and yet you have done it.

These are lessons learned along the way which could be very well avoided when we are aware of the formalities. (tmp @copyright 2019)

Writer is a retiree but loves to write articles during her free time.

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